Our Less Than Comprensive List

Places for Dinner

RestaurantWebpage LinkDescription/Comments
The Kingfisher the corner of Forgeus and Grant-A very popular upper end seafood restaurant in Tucson open and serving meals until midnight.
Dante's Fire is next door to the Kingfisher. Great appetizers, and main courses for reasonable prices. Friendly service, and nice bar. Some special every day. They serve meals until closing at 2 am.
Rosa's at Southwest corner of Campbell and Ft. Lowell (A little tucked away in back corner)-Good local Sonoran style Mexican food.
Casa Molina on west side of Campbell north of Glenn-Mexican food. You will see several “Casa Molina’s” around Tucson dating back over 65 years. They are all owned by members of the same family; they should not be considered chains or corporate. They each have their own personality, but all serve local Sonoran style Mexican food. This one has the “enchilada’s de la casa”, a green chile, and chicken enchilada not commonly seen in other Tucson Mexican restaurants and delicious, like the rest of their offerings.
The Bluewillow side of Campbell, north of Grant-mixed fare including vegetarian, great breakfasts. Very popular, usually a wait for a table.
La Botana Grill Lowell and 1st Ave., great street tacos with variety of fillings available, Mexican food, Mexican hotdogs. A nice patio. This is a fun simple place to relax and enjoy company over margaritas, chips and tacos.
The Red Garterhttp://( Speedway and Country Club, bar/grill fare, good burgers, good soup of the day. Good place if you want a quick bite.
Arizona Inn Arizona Inn, nearby on Elm Street, started out as a luxury hotel when it was in the desert outside of town. That location is now in the center of town, and the hotel retains its relaxed character and top notch service. When you're on it's grounds, you wouldn't think that it is in the heart of the city. The grounds, and the hotel are beautiful, and quiet. The restaurant serves food for when you want more than just a good meal. It isn't cheap, but it is worth the experience, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or for appetizers and drinks. Meals can be enjoyed in their restaurant, the bar area, or on their patio.
Sausage Deli corner of 1st and Grant Road, next to Walgreens continues to be a popular sandwich deli, since 1979.
Shooter's Bar and GrillNo PageShooter’s (No webpage) at Country Club and Prince is a bar with a mesquite grill on Saturdays, great burger special on Mondays (3.50 for burger, 1.00 for each topping). They also have a range of sirloin to rib eye steaks, meatloaf, chicken, ribs, soups and salads.

Diners for Breakfast and Lunch

Frank's's Restaurant at Pima and Alvernon is a very popular short order eatery whose mantra is “elegant dining elsewhere”. The food is good, and is a local Tucson experience. In the evening they become Francisco’s at night. No frills Mexican dining. Bring your own alcohol. They don’t have a liquor license and are fine with you bringing your own wine, beer or margaritas.
Bobo's's, on the south side of Grant, between Tucson and Country Club, is another popular tucson breakfast place.
Alice's RestaurantNo WebpageAlice’s Restaurant at 5615 E. Pima, just before Craycroft. A cleaner cut version of Bobo’s and Frank’s, air conditioned and adorned with Coca Cola and Pepsi branded souvenirs. It is lessee known, but every bit as good.
The Egg Connection,In strip mall at the corner of Country Club and Fort Lowell. Another diner style place for a good breakfast and or lunch.
Bisbee Breakfast Club popular newer breakfast spot, belonging to a small chain, in the Broadway Village. It has a varied menu, covering many tastes, and always good.
Laverna's Coffee Shop and CaféNo Webpage220 S. Plumer, between Country Club and Tucson Blvd, second block south of Broadway. This is a simple diner, popular with those who know about it. Try the apple and walnut pancake, only order one unless you are incredibly hungry.
Bread & Butter Tucson Diner, east of Alvernon, on north side of 22nd Street.
Barrio Breadhttp://www.barriobread.comOkay, this isn't a diner, but if you go to Bisbee Breakfast Club, this bakery is just a few doors to the south, and worth the very short walk to it, if not to buy a flavorful loaf, then to smell the bread coming warm out of the ovens. If you want good bread, this is your place.